Lesson 4 | Bypassing Canaries and ASLR with Bruteforce

In this video I get to show in a detailed manner, how ASLR and Canary mitigation techniques work and how we can bypass them with bruteforcing in Python to change the program flow and call our desired function.

Hegazy, May 7, 2020
    • Panda
      Your videos are very similar to LiveOverFlow vidoes, your ones even better. First, they are in Arabic. Second, they are explained in a slower way than LiveOverFlow ones.
      Keep it up. MashAllah.
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    • Hegazy
      @Panda Sweet! I'm glad that you liked the videos.
      much thanks bro <3
    • 0xf1f1
      I have a question
      in the fisrt 30 second you talk about how the stack look like
      my question
      why the RET address above the EBP

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    • Hegazy
      @0xf1f1 it was a mistake (my bad) and i have already clarified it in a pinned comment..
      Sorry :)
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